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Benefits of I.T. Consulting 

"Ingenious Tek Group® Offers a Complete Range of Customized I.T. Consulting Services Designed to Meet Your Needs at an Affordable Price"

Benefit 1 : Stable Information Technology systems

Stable Information Technology systems that are securely available to local and remote workers are the foundation of a successful business. By improving customer service, accelerating time to market for new products and services, and reducing operational costs, I.T. consulting services can help to create a critical competitive advantage for your company. 

Ingenious Tek Group's management and support of your I.T. network is implemented remotely and through regular on-site visits. Our Centralized Services include the Client Support Center (CSC) and Network Operations Center (NOC), which work together with your local technology management consultants to act as the cornerstone of your I.T. consulting team.

Our Client Support Center also provides you with remote phone support from seasoned technical experts for server, desktop, and network issues. Working in conjunction with your technology management consultants, Ingenious Tek Group's CSC delivers fast and efficient service during regular business hours, as well as offering emergency after hour help in case an issue arises that needs our immediate attention. All this ensures your I.T. environment is safeguarded 24/7.

Ingenious Tek Group's I.T. consulting services can help you devise a strategic plan for your business. We will aid you in stabilizing and securing your current I.T. environment, and work with you as you plan the future phases of your business by recommending the most appropriate strategy for your success-- all without having to burden your business with the cost of a full-time I.T. staff. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, Ingenious Tek Group® is here to supplement your I.T. needs with on-demand experts.

Benefit 2 : Tap Economies Of Scale And Purchasing Power

As a small to medium-sized business owner, every decision you make affects your business' bottom line. To stretch your dollar further, consider hiring a professional technology service provider such as Ingenious Tek Group® for all of your I.T. needs. Outsourcing your tech needs with a national company, even if your company is not national, gives you reliable I.T. support, regardless of your business' location and access to the perks of partnering with a larger company that has connections to high-end resources not typically available to small and medium businesses.

When choosing an I.T. consulting firm to support your company, be sure that they are recognized as providers of excellent support. One surefire way to ensure that you are getting the I.T. support your business needs is to Check out CRN's VAR (Value Added Reseller) 500 list. CRN's VAR 500 list is the definitive guide of the nation's largest I.T. solution providers, I.T. consultants, traditional resellers and vendor services arms of companies. For the last consecutive years, Ingenious Tek Group® has been on this list.

Because Ingenious Tek Group® focuses exclusively on I.T., it is able to consolidate purchasing power and pass on the savings to clients. As a nationally recognized I.T. consulting service, Ingenious Tek Group® has partnered with many respected technology vendors and manufacturers such as Microsoft, Dell and Cisco. In addition to the many partnerships that Ingenious Tek Group® has fostered, Ingenious Tek Group® is a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner, SonicWall Gold Partner, and Cisco Select Partner. Through these partnerships, Ingenious Tek Group® has been able to secure lower prices for clients by making volume-purchasing commitments to its vendors. For example, Ingenious Tek Group® has negotiated reduced rates for online server backups through its partnership with Iron Mountain Digital. Regardless of whether you need software or hardware, chances are that Ingenious Tek Group® can get what you need at the prices you want.

When you hire the I.T. consulting experts at Ingenious Tek Group®, not only will you gain purchasing power for your company, you will also be able to tap economies of scale that you typically wouldn't have with access to as a small to medium-sized business. With Ingenious Tek Group®, your business gains immediate to advanced support when you need it the most. Ingenious Tek Group® has designated contacts with many partners that are ready to answer any question you or your company might have. One quick call to a rep about program compatibility can save you hours of internet research. Also, consider that while Ingenious Tek Group® can handle most problems, every now and then, a problem occurs and they don't have the answers to (remember Vista?). If Ingenious Tek Group® can't fix the problem, they have immediate access to help without waiting around for some offshore help desk employee to return a phone call.

When you outsource your I.T. with Ingenious Tek Group®, you hire I.T. consulting professionals that will provide excellent I.T. support and save you money by allowing you to tap economies of scale and volume discounting that are typically available to larger companies.

Benefit 3 : Reduce Cost And Control Operating Expensesr


As a business owner, one of your largest capital expenditures centers on staffing. Not only do you have to pay for salary, you also need to factor in the cost of benefits such as health, dental and vision care as well as vacation and sick leave. In addition to those costs, you also have to consider the cost of training that an employee can't learn while on-the-job, particularly when that training is in a specialized area such as I.T.. One way to avoid the cost of training an employee to support your company's I.T. network it to hire someone that already has the specialized skills to take care of your I.T. environment. While that may drastically reduce the costs associated with training, you will have to pay that employee more for their specialized knowledge. Either way you go, you end up with a large capital expenditure for one employee with specialized skills.

Before hiring a salaried employee to support your I.T. network, take the time to assess your company's I.T. needs. Perhaps your network doesn't need hands-on support 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. Maybe you only need four or eight hours a week standard I.T. support in addition to an occasional block of time set aside for special projects. If you find that you don't need fulltime I.T. support, but still need specialized, expert level I.T. skills, consider hiring an I.T. consulting firm to take care of your I.T. needs.

When you hire an outsourcing I.T. consulting firm such as Ingenious Tek Group® to support your I.T. network, you aren't stuck with the cost of a fulltime salary and benefits because the firm takes care of that. Instead, you negotiate for the exact type and amount of support you need and pay for just that. Nothing more and nothing less. When you hire an I.T. consulting firm like Ingenious Tek Group®, they take all the hassle out of that finding an employee to get the job done right and they save you the cost of paying out a salary to a specialized employee.

Outsourcing with an I.T. consulting firm makes budgeting simple and predictable. You don't have to pay for anything but the costs associated with software, hardware, licensing and network support. Many I.T. consulting firms, Ingenious Tek Group® included, generally offer hourly and fixed-rate support. For hourly support, time and materials are budgeted up front, making the cost of I.T. support predictable and controllable; if your system is stable, and you don't have any immediate I.T. support needs, then you don't have to worry about scheduling or paying for support. For fixed- rate support, the cost is predictable because you negotiate a flat-rate for I.T. system maintenance; regardless of what type of support your system needs— routine support or catastrophe intervention, you pay the agreed upon flat-rate that you initially negotiated. Of course, regardless of which type of support you choose, any time you have an I.T. problem, one quick call is all it takes to get the help you need.

Hiring people is expensive, particularly if you need to hire someone with a specialized skill. By choosing to outsource your I.T. consulting needs with a reputable firm such as Ingenious Tek Group®, you can reduce costs and control operating expenses associated with supporting your I.T. network while getting the expert level support that your company needs.


Specialized talent in areas such as business law, accounting, or information technology can be cost prohibitive for many small to medium-sized businesses. When your business needs access to highly specialized talent, save money by outsourcing with a reputable firm. Instead of digging into your pockets to scrape together enough capital to hire an expensive, full-time employee with a specialized skill set, you can hire an outsourcing provider that will offer you the expert level services you need, when you need them, at a price you can afford.

Consider what it would cost you to keep one in-house employee up-to-date on the skills needed to take care of your specialized I.T. needs. Not only would you have to foot the bill for a full-time employee with specialized talents, but you would also have to for pay continuous training to keep those skills updated. Many basic courses start at $2,500 for weekend sessions. Specialized certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Cisco Certified Network Associate are even more expensive and often take longer to complete. Then, factor in what it would cost to keep that employee knowledgeable about newest vendor solutions that could affect how your entire business operates—keeping an employee's skills up-to-date can drastically impair your business' budget.

For many businesses, it just doesn't make financial sense to keep an employee with a specialized skill set on payroll. Instead, look to an I.T. consulting firm such as Ingenious Tek Group® when you need specialized talent. When you outsource with a technology services provider you gain access to specialized expertise that would be too expensive to develop and maintain in-house. I.T. consulting firms such as Ingenious Tek Group® provide the manpower and flexibility to complement your day-to-day I.T. network support by providing specialized knowledge when you need it.

Most small to medium-sized businesses can't afford to have a team of highly specialized talent on hand 24/7. While your business won't typically need round the clock legal advice or accounting support, specialized I.T. support is a different story. When it comes to your I.T. network, you need to have access to specialized support no matter the time of day or night, regardless of standard business hours. By hiring I.T. outsourcing consultants from a reputable firm like Ingenious Tek Group®, you get the specialized talent you need, available whenever you need it, at a price you can afford.

Benefit 5 : Obtain On-Demand Resources

At one time or another, your small to medium-sized business may face the challenge of not having the necessary resources available to support your I.T. environment. Maybe your I.T. environment needs just a few more hours support a week than your in-house staff can provide. Perhaps your business faces an unplanned time crunch where immediate, short term support is needed to augment your staff, or maybe your business needs to do a major I.T. network upgrade and your staff doesn't have the specialized skill set to do it. Regardless of your specific needs, you have a human resources dilemma that is easily solvable when you choose to augment your staff by outsourcing with an I.T. consulting firm such as Ingenious Tek Group®.

I.T. consulting firms provide on-demand resources that give your business the tech support it needs without breaking the bank, threatening the livelihood of your employees or negatively affecting company morale. I.T. consulting firms like Ingenious Tek Group® do their best to understand your company's specific needs and will respect your business' culture while helping your I.T. department with its needs. Whenever your I.T. department needs additional support, all you have to do is make a phone call and schedule your on-demand support.

On-demand support can range from general, day-to-day administrative support that you schedule on a regular basis to lighten your staff's work load, or it can be specialized and provide your company with a particular skill set that your employees don't have. Sometimes your company just needs someone to help your internal staff run virus scans and install security updates and other times your company might need specialized skills to do a major upgrade. Either way, an I.T. consulting firm can help you with those needs and others as well.

Typically, I.T. consulting firms can help your business with any task that you can think of. Maybe you just need someone to be available to answer helpdesk type questions and offer basic trouble shooting to employees, or perhaps you need someone to manage a server migration. No job is too big or too small for most I.T. consulting firms. I.T. firms such as Ingenious Tek Group® generally offer support in the following areas:


Desktop support

Server support and administration

Firewall maintenance

Network support

Line of business application support (Exchange, SQL, CRM and others)

Productivity application support (Office, PeachTree, QuickBooks and others)

Mobile device support (iPhones, Blackberries, netbooks, smart phones)

Network Security

Of course, I.T. consulting firms also offer specialized support that is customizable to your business' specific needs. Firms like Ingenious Tek Group® have the specialized talent necessary to guide and implement virtualization, high availability and other complex projects.

The reality is that I.T. support is never a forty-hour a week job. One week, your I.T. network might only need thirty-six hours of support and the next it might need eighty hours. Also, remember that some of that support might need to be done during non-business hours. As a small to medium-sized business, you probably can't afford to pay for more than one or two tech-savvy employees to take care of your I.T. network fulltime. Instead, any time you need staff augmentation, call and schedule an appointment with your trusted I.T. consulting firm and schedule help when you need it at a price you can afford—that's the beauty of an on-demand resource.

Benefit 6 : Improve Productivity

Technology makes the business world go round... at least it should. Many small to medium-sized businesses have spent time and money getting a hold of I.T. tools to make it easier for employees to be productive but have discovered that the tech doesn't quite work they way they thought it would. In fact, many companies have found that the tech actually slows them down.

Trying to keep track of things like who has the most current version of a document can take more time than recreating the document in the first place. Trying to recover a deleted email that had an important piece of contact information could take more time that it would to call around and get a hold of that contact's name. Sometimes, tech can be so frustrating that you want to return pen and paper. Tech tools are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; while not all pieces will fit together with each other in any random spot, with the right understanding of how the pieces fit together, the tech pieces can be put together in a way that allows small and medium businesses to leverage technology to improve productivity. If your business has the technology tools in place that should make the average business day more productive but doesn't, consider hiring an I.T. consulting firm to sort out your I.T. puzzle.

The ultimate goal of technology in small to medium-sized businesses is to improve employee productivity and innovation by making it easier to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge. Productivity and innovation can be enhanced through many different technologies such as file servers, central databases, broadband connectivity, mobile platforms, email communications, and so on. Unfortunately, true productivity and innovation can't be attained with just technology. To put the technology to work, you need to have someone who understands how the pieces fit together. This is where outsourcing your business' technology support with an I.T. outsourcing firm such as Ingenious Tek Group® can help.

I.T. consulting firms like Ingenious Tek Group® make it their business to know how all the individual technologies work together to enhance any company's goals. Through ongoing education and training, as well as daily hands-on application, I.T. consultants are experts at putting together the puzzle pieces and making your existing technology work the way it should so that your employees can be productive. Of course, I.T. consultants can also advise your business about the newest technologies that can enhance your existing technology. When you outsource with an I.T. consulting firm you can be sure that you have hired experts with the skills to plan, implement and maintain your business' I.T. environment.

Because I.T. consulting firms focus on best practices and bring years of comprehensive experiences around planning, implementing and maintaining small to medium-sized business I.T. environments, you can be sure that your I.T. environment will work the way it should. When you outsource your technology support needs with an I.T. consulting firm, you partner with experts that will help you leverage technology to improve productivity.

Benefit 7 : Reduce Downtime

When you are running a small to medium-sized business, you need to count on the fact that your I.T. network will work the way you need it to. Even a few minutes of downtime when you can't access the internet, communicate by email, access data on a server, or experience another issue can cost your company big money. The best way to avoid the costs of an offline I.T. network and guarantee reduced downtime is to ensure that it is stable.


Generally, a stable network that has maximum uptime (and minimum downtime) includes the following:

availability- services are always available when you need them (any downtime should be scheduled for non-business hours that won't impact your company)

speed- sending and receiving email, saving and printing files should be quick

protection- a good firewall is in place to protect against internet attacks and local antivirus is running

backups- critical data is automatically copied, stored offsite and easily accessible with minimal administrative maintenance

dependability- users should not have to deal with alarms, pop-ups, application errors or red lights on workstations, laptops and servers

usability- users experience increased productivity when using technology

expandability- it should be easy to add users, machines, applications and services to the I.T. network

compatibility- applications work together properly, allowing users to combine data with multimedia and connect business applications with network appliances

Unfortunately, ensuring that your I.T. environment has reduced downtime can be difficult for your in-house tech team to maintain. Trying to create a stable I.T. environment with maximum uptime requires staff with the expert skills and knowledge to make all of your company's network's applications and appliances work together and that can take more time, energy and money than your business can afford. Instead, consider outsourcing with an I.T. consulting firm such as Ingenious Tek Group®.

When your outsource your I.T. environment support with an I.T. consulting firm, you hire a team of professionals with expert level knowledge based on up-to-date best practices that are available to Fortune 500 companies, but scaled down to meet your small to medium-sized business needs with a price tag that won't break your budget. Outsource technology providers can offer your company planned, measured approaches to proactive systems maintenance, security backup and disaster recovery that will help ensure reduced downtime. I.T. outsourcing firms can also provide your business with remote systems monitoring and 24/7 incident response to ensure that, in the case of unplanned downtime, your systems will be restored as soon as possible. Partnering with an I.T. consulting firm like Ingenious Tek Group® gives your company an affordable way to build a stable I.T. network which will save your company money and reduce your I.T. network's downtime.

Benefit 8 : Realize Technology Edge Over Competitors

As a small to medium-sized business owner, you have to do whatever it takes to keep your company competitive. Without a competitive edge, your entire business can be at risk. A quick and easy way to gain, maintain, and keep your competitive edge is by partnering with an I.T. consulting firm that can help you take advantage of the latest information technologies available. I.T. consulting firms such as Ingenious Tek Group® keep up with the latest information technologies through ongoing training and real world experience. They know how to implement the latest hardware, software, and network applications available. In addition, they also know which technology solutions aren't worth the investment.

Using technology to leverage an edge over competitors means more than just using computers to keep track of inventory and create newsletters. It can also mean adding to or changing the technology currently in use. For example, your business might realize a technological edge over competitors if you were to expand your business' technology usage beyond the boundaries of your bricks and mortar business. After an I.T. assessment by an I.T. consulting firm, it might be determined that your business could take advantage of technology by adopting mobile solutions and setting up remote access points.

Setting up a mobility solution would give your staff immediate access to your proprietary information from mobile devices such as phones and net books throughout the business day, regardless of their locations. Coupled with remote access in offsite locations in your employees' homes would allow your staff to telecommute. Together, these two solutions would allow your employees to work, regardless of their location, inclement weather or sick kids, and lets your business take advantage of flexible scheduling. Depending upon your needs, mobility solutions and remote access can extend your business hours without keeping employees tied to the business site.

Since I.T. service providers work with clients of different sizes and needs, they are exposed to the latest technology and have practical knowledge of what does and doesn't work. I.T. consulting firms such as Ingenious Tek Group® make it their business to stay up-to-date on I.T. technology as well as upcoming trends. They know about the latest hardware, software, network applications and technology services available. In addition to providing your business with expert level I.T. support, an I.T. firm such as Ingenious Tek Group® can connect you with vendors that provide offsite backups and CRM solutions to help you store, protect, and analyze client data. In addition to knowing about the best solutions for your business, I.T. consulting firms make it their business to know which solutions won't work for your company.

When your partner with an I.T. consulting firm, you gain the ability to proactively respond to potential competitive threats. Consider your I.T. consulting firm to be your I.T. shock troops. At a moment's notice, you can pick up your phone, call for support, and get it. Because I.T. consulting firms are more than "computer geeks," they understand the nature of small and medium-sized businesses and can help your company quickly adjust to changes in the market by leveraging the advantages that I.T. can offer.

Benefit 9 : Attract and Retain Employees

Today's hiring market is more competitive than ever, making it difficult to hire and retain good employees. In addition to wanting a competitive salary and benefits package, employees want access to technology that will make their jobs easier. Employees want to work in an environment where their company's technology environment is up-to-date and equal to what their peers are using in other businesses. By partnering with a professional I.T. services provider such as Ingenious Tek Group®, you gain access to the ability to attract and retain employees.

Employees want access to the latest and greatest technology. They see the latest tech ads in magazines and they know their contemporaries are using it in their jobs—and they want it, too. I.T. consulting firms like Ingenious Tek Group® make it their business to know about the latest technology trends. Through their frequent training, hand on knowledge and cumulative experience, I.T. consulting firms can advise your business on which tech tools will serve your business' needs and which ones aren't worth the investment. An I.T. consulting firm such as Ingenious Tek Group® can keep your I.T. environment up-to-date and competitive without breaking your bank.

People want technology to make their jobs quicker and easier. They want to sit down at their computer, open up and application, enter data and move on to the next task. No one wants to hassle with an old, slow, and underpowered computer that has compatibility issues with several applications that he needs to use on a frequent basis. Employees don't want to wait around for an over-scheduled staff technician to address their problems. When you partner with an I.T. consulting firm to keep your technology updated, you gain the manpower needed to keep your network running smoothly, eliminate employee frustration and give your employees the tools that they need to be productive.

In addition to updated technology tools, employees want access to cutting edge technologies such as social media tools. Traditionally, social networking sites were designed for individuals to stay in touch with friends and family, but younger employees have learned how to use these sites to promote themselves and their business ventures. Previously seen as personal use applications, some businesses created policies prohibiting the use of these applications but changed their policies when younger employees challenged the policy and proved that social networking does have business applications. Many businesses are now using sites like Linked in and Face Book to make connections with previously unreachable markets. In addition to keeping your company up-to-date on the newest social networking applications, I.T. consulting firms can help your business create a fair policy that addresses the usage of social networking sites as a business tool.

The hiring market has always been competitive. As a small to medium-sized business, you need to offer your potential new hires a competitive compensation wage package. In addition to salary and benefits, you need to offer employees an enticing work environment that offers updated technology tools. Utilizing a professional technology services provider such as Ingenious Tek Group® allows you to meet these expectations and increases your ability to attract and retain employees.

Benefit 10 : Access to Otherwise Unavailable Vendor Support

Small to medium-sized businesses rely on technology to make their companies successful. Owners count on the fact that their technology will work the way manufacturers promise it will, but are frequently disappointed when the technology doesn't meet expectations. When faced with this situation, most small and medium businesses have to call the consumer hotline number and wait until the next available agent is available to help. At best, you will get quick and useful support, but often, you will be placed in a queue that requires additional assistance that the helpdesk can't provide; this can be extremely frustrating. Instead of waiting on hold for hours, partner with a professional I.T. consulting service that has established connections with manufacturers and get direct access to the help you need, when you need it.

When you hire an I.T. consulting firm such as Ingenious Tek Group®, you gain elevated connections to the merchant support that your business needs. By nature, I.T. is complex. For example, consider software applications; while manufactures such as Microsoft create suites of applications that work well together, chances are that you will need to combine your Windows OS and Microsoft Office with a non-Microsoft application. There's a good chance that the programs will work together—as a matter of fact, the packaging on the software you want to install states that it is compatible with Microsoft, but you just can't get it to work. At this point, instead of calling the consumer hotline, your I.T. consulting firm can dial one of several specific numbers to get direct access to the specific type of support needed without needing to maneuver through several phone menus. Direct access to the specific type of support you need can quickly resolve your I.T. conflicts and save your business hours of lost productivity.

I.T. consulting firms such as Ingenious Tek Group® have cultivated partnership arrangements with vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft that give your small to medium-sized business access to the VIP treatment. Professional technology services providers have direct dial numbers that will get your business the help it needs, day or night. Support that is typically only available during standard business hours is often available to your business because of the partnerships that I.T. consulting firms have with manufacturers. Microsoft, Cisco, and other vendors have special numbers available to partners in situations when there is a critical outage, placing partners in direct contact with support engineers to get your business up and running if a worst-case scenario happens.

Software and hardware upgrades can be exceptionally complex. While many manufacturers offer online support, the websites are often difficult to use. In addition, often, when you can't find an online solution for your problem, trying to find a contact number so that you can speak to an expert is always difficult. Also, keep in mind that your phone support might not be free. Each manufacturer has a different policy as to how much support they will give your business before they ask for a valid credit card. When you partner with I.T. consulting firms, you typically won't have to pay for phone support since your I.T. services provider has contracted free phone support as part of their partnership.

I.T. consulting firms also have special "pre-sales" support, which will allow them to call vendors for advice and support on software and hardware before you make your new purchase, begin an upgrade, or start a new project. This service can save your business time and money by insuring that the right product for the job is purchased in the first place. In many situations, your professional I.T. services provider can even set up special demos to show you the details and functionality of new technology products that you are considering.

Access to manufacturers is crucial in effectively supporting complex technology. Technology manufacturers traditionally provide little direct end-user support. When available, this support is basic and often unreliable. This is exceedingly frustrating for small and medium businesses that call customer support but rarely receive it. Through a relationship with a well-established professional technology services provider, small to medium-sized businesses enjoy the benefits of priority access to Microsoft, Cisco and thousands of other technology vendors.